10 Revealing Questions to Ask Before Hiring New SEO Clients

  • Posted on August 11, 2017
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At the outset, I would like to state the fact that one of the biggest problems arises while getting new clients is that miscommunication at the beginning of the engagement. It is also true that clients those are bringing SEO consultants are certainly engaged in different kinds of stuff. The reason behind this is that they might have gone ahead and considered as an external consultant.


It is true that you might not be able to anticipate all the questions you need to learn from the client at the onset of any given SEO engagement, but there are certain questions that take very little amount of time on the part of the client. The best part is that these questions will offer you with a great start and will assist avoiding miscommunication. Below discussed are some of the vital questions that you as an SEO vendor would like to get answered and want to share the information with the client. But before that have a quick look at the accounts you need to access.

Accounts You Need to Access

Getting access to data is one of the most crucial steps involved in the SEO process. It would be helpful for you to manage the overall procedure of local search engine optimization as well as search engine marketing services. You need to have access to certain accounts and they are mentioned below.

  • Google Analytics

With the help of this account, you will be able to measure and monitor the flow of traffic.

  • Google Search Console

This account offers plenty of information like search analytics data report in detail. Well, this information can be effective in dealing with indexation issues as well as errors with XML sitemaps.

  • Additional Analytics Accounts

This will be helpful if your clients use tools like Omniture.

  • Google AdWords

This one might be tiresome for the clients looking forward to hire dedicated SEO but having valid information regarding pay-per-click search query will be highly useful.


  • Access to CMS

In case you get access to the website of your clients then getting access to this account could of great help.

  • Company Email

While doing content promotion or link outreach on the behalf of the client, getting company based email could be of great help as you will be availed with response rates.

  • Access to Log Files

It becomes essential while performing technical SEO audit for your client.

Questions You Must Ask

Availing information about the business of your client

Let’s assume that you have excellent skills in SEO and you are well aware of the fundamentals of the business. But you are not aware of the specifics of your clients business. In this context, it would be important to mention that having a deep insight into your clients’ business objectives or goals is one of the key aspects for your SEO. You will get better web design services. The set of questions discussed below will help you to get acquainted with all such details.


  1. Is there any specific dollar values or relative importance you assign to activities on the website?

For example, whether the client has placed an estimated value on the white paper sign-ups depending on the higher rate of conversion?

  1. What are the actions that are crucial to you?

Whether the actions are free trails, white paper downloads, sign ups, form submits, newsletter sign ups or anything else?

  1. Is there any section of the website which is of high priority as compared to others?

If yes then what are they?

  1. Is it possible to list out the specific sectors or industries you intend to target?

Well, it depends on the intentions of your client.

  1. Is there any target audience of ideal customer for you?

This is the time when you need to motivate the client to overshare and request them to share information like persona materials (specifically), insight about how a specific buyer us their products and many more.

  1. Why your best prospect does not pick you up?

What and how your competitors doing well?

It is hoped that your clients will just not say rankings! And if still if they do so they go for some additional success metrics.

Problems and Issues Known to You

In case there are certain known tracking as well as SEO issues, then you would certainly want to know about them. Below discussed questions cover some of the most common problems.

  1. Do you own any other domains?

If you learn that your client is having a dedicated site for a specific event or even if they have a community micro-site then it would be quiet helpful for you.

  1. Do you suspect anything called “isn’t quite right” in your data?

For instance, check out the fact whether your client has older Google Analytics goals that are not the representative of the actual action you want to value on the website?

  1. Do you have “copies” of the website that might be living somewhere else over the web?

For an instance:

  • Does .net version of your domains show all the content?
  • Whether you have a staging server or not?
  • Whether you have the translated versions for your website’s content?
  1. Do you have anything in mind that we should know or you like is to focus on?

This is the most important one and you should reassure your client to come up openly.

Final Thought

Motivating your clients to provide any useful information such as expectations, goals, concerned areas, strengths, and other facts would be of great help. It is also important to mention that the better you will connect from the beginning, the better the results you are likely to get.

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