5 Effective White Hat SEO Techniques To Boost Traffic In 2017

  • Posted on February 3, 2017
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The Google algorithm has hundreds of signals to determine where the Google page ranks are located while searching. It is very important to know the factors that can carry most of the weight and then optimize making a huge difference between the failure and success. This article mainly concentrates on certain areas that according to my experience offer positive results and give the high return on investment.

The “Mobile First” Approach

I started to promote the concept of “mobile first” to the field of SEO in the March of the year 2015 while I dubbed the Google’s mobile update, known as the ‘Mobilegeddon”. In the month of April of that same year, this update does not create a big effect that was expected. However, the thing that comes in front is that mobile is no longer a “The Future” concept. The individuals who have not pay a heed on the change of go mobile, they have to pay a huge price in the future. The Google Index is becoming mobile-first and if you are not having the mobile-friendly page, then you will certainly hit the SERPs. This is very true for the websites that use the intrusive ads. You can keep the close tabs on the AMP. This open source helps in depending on AMP HTML that indicates instant loading. This is the best benefit that can happen on the mobile devices.

Mobile is local

We all know that mobile search and local search are related to each other. According to The Mobile Playbook, 20% out of all searches have the local intent. The smartphone users search 94% for the local information, 29% made a search for the purchasing factor, 48% searches are called as the store and 51% visited the store as well. Google is continuously improving the ability to produce local results. It is very important to have the accurate data in one’s Business profile on Google. This is one of the easiest ways to win as less than half of the companies are having the business listing. If you want to boost up the rank, hire dedicated SEO expert who uses the white hat techniques.

Keep focusing on the User Experience

Google always encourage webmasters for making the primary focus to make the best user experiences. As the Google algorithms are getting smarter each day, the websites are positioned to get the benefits. A good user interface gets deeper than writing the clean code. As per the study from the Oxford Journal, “The goal of UX design in business is to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty through the utility, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction with a product.” Some consider the website as the product. The main aim is to determine the user’s intents, that furthers develops a smooth navigation. Using the UX practices is quite easy. The web is full of templates and suggestions. The main thing that separates professional sites from the amateur sites is the A/B testing.

Extensive keyword research

Though we have thought that keyword research is not an effective strategy in this year, but still, it is popular. Google provides fewer keyword data all the time, the biggest SEO tool provider, Moz, and Ahrefs developed improved versions of KW tools to fill up the gap. The next gen of keyword tools takes into consideration factors like Keyword Groups and Parent Topics.

The concept of link building

The day may come when the links will become less important than the rankings. The key is to get the right type of links to your site. The links that are relevant to your site should be created. You should make links that have human editorial reviews and those that are earned. The best way to earn the relevant links is to build the resource center. Apart from creating good relevant links, the resource center helps in building trust and authority as well.

These are top 5 white hat SEO techniques that are used by most of the SEO companies worldwide including SEO agency in India. It is seen that most of the online businesses are outsourcing their SEO work to the Indian digital marketing companies for better result and high ROI.

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