5 Potential Reasons Why Link Building Campaign Fails

  • Posted on November 2, 2017
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Many online marketers trouble when their link building campaign does not work. It can happen due to the broken links or low conversion rate. Link building is not the only way of enhancing the visibility of a website. There are some other ways to improve your link building effort to make it more profitable.

When the Target Page Does Not Have Authority

If the page-level link metrics is non-existent or low then it is better to avoid that page for your link building campaign. On the other hand, it is also important to look at the other metrics of your link building campaign.

During link building, do not just look at the authority of the target website. It is also important to check their Trust Flow, URL rating, and Citation Flow. For example, popular tools like Majestic, Ahrefs, Moz all are backed by a different database. One database may have indexed a link that the other one has not.

Search engine ranks the links based on different factors. But when you evaluate different metrics of the link, you get a full picture of the link’s value. While doing this it is also important to keep this in mind that the matrices are always changing.

Previously SEO Pros used to rely on the public PageRank score. But finally, in 2016,   Google has removed all the access to the toolbar of PageRank.

A website can be your best link building partner even if the data says it not a well-linked site. But if your target audiences are aware of that site then you must consider the website for your next link building campaign.

When the Content Is Not That Valuable to Share

Having content on your website that is similar to another website will not make your website worthy enough to get a link from that site. Content should have been standing on its own. It should be engaging, useful and most importantly content must base on a specific topic.

For example, anyone can write a post about traveling solo in the valleys of Europe. In order to make the content effective the blogger have to think like other travelers who also want to travel solo. So instead of sharing your experience only, you also have to cover topics like:

  • What a traveler should pack for traveling
  • Different ways of saving money before or during the trip etc.

There are two different ways of making content worthier:

  • Writing a thorough content. Covering the situation from a specific angle
  • Covering everything that is related to the topic

So now, you have a post on your website that will help other travelers to make a solo trip to the valleys of Europe. It may not be the most detailed guide available on cyberspace but the guide has revealed how users can save money during their solo Europe trip. After analyzing different factors including your knowledge, competition, available resource and users’ interest you will get the way you want to go through.

When the Target Site or Content Is Not Contextually Relevant

Marketers often found a website great place for their audience to learn more about their services or products, but their typical content is completely different than the target website. If you manage to put your link on such a website even then you will be unable to enhance your ranking or traffic. You will also be unable to generate leads that you were hoping for.

It can happen when a blog covers only one article that looks similar to your products or niche and other posts cover different topics. This type of strategy will add no value to your link building campaign. So it is always suggested to find such a site for your campaign that comes from your core niche.

When Your Site Has a Conflict of Interest with Yours

A link building campaign may also fall due to a conflict of interest or an existing relationship. If the site is a competitor of yours or a collaborator of your competitor then they are likely to not link your content to their post.

So before you ask for a link, make sure that the website is not a direct or passive competitor of yours. To understand it better you have to check their outbound link.

When the Response Rate Gets Low

During link building campaign it is important to get a link from authority website. For example, most of the mass email campaign falls apart. When you send a generic email to a bunch of people or put your receivers in a large BCC list, then chances are high you will get no response or very little response. Reaching out in bulk for your business purpose just irritates people.

The communication should be one-to-one and you must focus on building a relationship. Unless generic email will not only decrease the response rate but it will be also a waste of time and resources for your employees.


Before starting your link building campaign, reevaluate:

  • The website you are targeting to get a backlink
  • The quality of your content
  • The approach you take to get links
  • Relationship between your brand and the target customers

So these are the five reasons that can cause your link building campaign ineffective. It is also fair to conclude that by making some small changes in your content or in your strategy, you can create a big impact on getting more and more backlinks to your website.

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