7 Best Link Building Strategies to Follow in 2017

  • Posted on March 31, 2017
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Link building is an off page SEO technique that plays a vital role in getting the better search result. There are two types of link building strategy that you can make, white hat and black hat. Putting link by spam bots, link exchange and buying links come in black hat link building techniques that you should avoid. Unless the Hummingbird will be angry with you and your site will be penalized.

7 Simple Link Building Techniques

Back in April 2012, before the birth of Penguin, getting rank on the top of the Google’s search engine result page was an easy job. But now the time has changed. Penguin has gone. But in the era of Hummingbird, Google’s spam filter has become even stricter. Spam filter these days has become a part of Google’s Algorithm. So now, running a link building campaign is not as easy as it was before. One needs patience and professional techniques to build links organically. But it will be not as easy as it sounds if you follow the below techniques. The bible of link building strategy in 2017 is as follows:

#1 Request for a Backlink: If you are new to the link building job then you must follow this technique. Think of your friends, colleagues, clients, relatives or partner who runs a blog or site. It will be better if you manage a link in footer or sidebar in form of an exciting banner. However, getting a link from a regular anchor text will also work.

#2 Links against Testimonial: You can also place your link in exchange for a positive client or customer review. Chance of link approval is also very high in this case because they will take your review as a loyal customer’s feedback. But do not make spam. Placing your link in order is an art.

#3 List Your Website in a High PR Web Directory: BOTW, IllumiRate Web Directory, Yahoo! Directory are known as most powerful web directory on the internet. Make sure your site is listed on this high authority websites for creating quality backlinks.

#4 Start Blogging: Blogging can be a good solution for you to ensure getting high-rank on Google Search engine result page. But make sure you have not posted only writing in your blog. Google does not consider a web page as a Blog that contains below 3000 words.

#5 find Out The Backlinks of Your Competitor: Knowing your competitor and understanding their link building strategy plays a vital role in SEO. There is plenty of backlink tool analyzer available. You can use any of that tool analyzer to find out where your competitor has posted their links. Do not miss to hit those websites.

#6 Quality Guest Post: Guest post has the ability to get link juice from an authority website. In order to serve this purpose, you can take the service of Buzz Feed paid posting or other similar service providers. While writing a guest post, keep the following terms in mind:

  • The targeted website is relevant to your website
  • Focus on the article’ topic rather than focusing how good your company is
  • A good article can bring good reputation but the vice versa is also possible if you post a poor article

#7 Understanding what a High Authority Website is: Just putting your link on any website is not a good thing. You need to understand what the page rank of a website is. For understanding it, you can use the Google chrome extension SEO Quake. You can also take it for granted that any domain that ends with an extension like .edu or .gov is a high authority website.

Can Any Website Rank without a Proper Link building Strategy?
Well, I am very sorry to say that the answer to this question is no. Because:

  • According to Google’s algorithm, links are the main ranking factor
  • Link has the redirecting power
  • Link can transfer trust
  • Link points to a great content
  • Google find your website via a link

Quick Tips for Link Building Strategy:

  • Understand your niche business for quality link building
  • Under the domain’s authority
  • Directory submission is not only a part of local SEO but also a part of link building

Finishing Words:
Building links are like building a spider web. Any loose end of this web can affect the rank of your website. Today you learned about the 7 best techniques for getting a better search result. If you have any queries regarding link building, feel free to leave us a mail.

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