Business Name with Improper Space in Google SERP?

  • Posted on February 23, 2018
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I have an established and Google listed company and in most of the cases, people spell the name of my firm with an incorrect space. The reason behind this is that because it has two different words that our team put together as one. The name of the company is RustryBrick and if you see carefully, you will get to see that there is only one word but with capital R and B. Here lies the confusion, most of the time people often break the spelling and even they lowercase the B.

Having said all this, Google has got the name right even if the users are taking it in a wrong way. Check out the screenshot below.

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Let’s take an example, say for there is a company listed with a name SEO Company Marketing. But while searching most of the users over the web go for ‘seocompany marketing’ or ‘SEO companymarketing’.

John Lincoln consulted with Google’s John Mueller regarding how one can communicate with Google in case the company has an improper space in the same spelling of the same? Similar the way Google showed my company name in two different words? In this regard, John Mueller responded that this particular issue stems from the name that is being used with the improper space on the website of the company straight away.

This is what he replied via Twitter –

Usually these things stem from the website itself, or on others that write about the site.” “If you’ve fixed that, it’ll take time to settle back down.

What’s your take on this?

Well, I got this topic highly interesting.

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