Five Major Mistakes to Avoid when Content Marketing

  • Posted on May 26, 2017
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Content Marketing

Do you know what does it feel like to put all your efforts, in order to create a content that has all the potential to earn high-authority links? You spend extensive time periods so that your content could top the search engine ranks but when you upload it on Open Site Explorer, you face the following:

According to most of the top-notch search engine optimization (SEO) Guides, links would roll in, if you produce high-quality contents and that too in massive quantities. However, quite, unfortunately, a large number of campaigns associated with content marketing fail despite extreme dedication and hard work. This entire situation can be really disheartening especially for those individuals, who are new to the digital marketing domain.

In the following discussion, let us talk about five distinct reasons for which contents fail to acquire links. I have also given some valuable advice, implementing which you can effectually turn the tables. Take a close look at them as they are mentioned below in points.

Dearth of Unique Ideas

Contents do not earn desirable amounts of links simply because the ideas dealt with are not unique. Publishers and audiences do not really want to see similar kinds of topics. If you are building your posts on the notions that your competitors have used a few days back, there are high chances that your campaign would meet with utmost disappointment. It is true that a large number of people emphasize upon promotion, but if the concepts are not great, you would certainly reach nowhere. Usually when you materialize exclusive thoughts, they tend to earn social shares and increasing number of genuine links.

Although it seems easy, content marketing doesn’t stand to be a scalable approach because coming up with out of the box ideas is quite a challenging endeavor. Even the most experienced and competent professionals, at some point in their life, run out of exceptional ideas. As an entrepreneur, you can involve all your working members to fabricate varied concepts while as an organization, you can invite your client and take his suggestion.

Acting like a Novice by Boasting

One of the chief aspects that you must avoid during content marketing is self-promotion. Advertisements on relevant sites and diverse visuals are most certainly necessary but they must not appear excessively for too much of anything can spoil your brand image.

The best way to impress visitors without forcing them is to generate accessible contents. Avoid designing facets that mimic your company brochures. Create contents that would be acknowledged by one and all.

Self-glorification or bragging is an immature mistake that could hamper campaigns and would not allow your contents to earn links.

Produced Contents are not Linkable

Not all the contents you produce have the capability to earn links. Tyler Hakes talked about three key features that an ideal content must possess.

1. Contents that could lure prospective search traffic from larger segments of viewers.
2. Contents that can generate links, which in turn are targeted to the website. This successfully improves ranks on the search engine result pages (SERPs) and enhance the visibility quotient.
3. Contents that could effectively gain maximum traction as well as credibility. They must have the necessary ability to maximize brand exposure and that too through social media platforms.

It is not necessary that your content meets all the aforementioned objectives. It would be quite difficult to create posts that fulfill every single expectation and does not compromise on any of them. If you wish your contents to earn links, do not rush to get everything. Instead, focus on any one feature and try to excel it.

While deciding upon the format, always take into account your publishers and audiences. Ask yourself, ‘is my content worthy enough to have publishers’ linking?’ If no, then better change the format before it is too late.

Mentioned below are some popular content formats that are noted for attracting links:

4.Case Studies
5.Memes/GIFs/other images
6.Expert interviews
7.Expert Roundups

Be sure to avoid listicle (blogs that utilize the structure of a list) because even though the viewers love it, a publisher does not find it tempting enough. Infographic and videos are time-consuming techniques that require an investment of money and labor. However, offering publishers posts that would be difficult to recreate would surely enhance your chances of emerging as a winner.

Your Promotional Strategies are not Good Enough

Well, having the greatest ideas and producing impeccable contents is good but if you are unable to promote them, the posts are literally of no use. If your targeted audiences are not viewing the posts, they can never earn links. Thus, you need to have a well-defined content promotion tactic. Without this, your content marketing efforts are sure to fail.

In order to promote contents successfully, you must have a proper plan. You need to have a clear comprehension of the viewers, the methods utilized for the fabrication of contents and expected outcomes. While e-mails do form the backbone of promotions, at times you need to stretch your limits. You can converse with reputed journalists, who maybe are dealing with same subjects or interact through Twitter and Facebook.

Just like your contents, your promotional techniques must also be innovative. Although there are no guarantees, still refining the approaches is quite important.

You are Targeting the Wrong People

Although not paid much attention, in content marketing, reaching the right audience is quite significant. If you are sending your posts to some generic editorial, let me inform that this is a sheer wastage of time. The best way to succeed would be to research the viewers, explaining the beneficial aspects of your content and writing bespoke emails justifying your strategies. If the audiences feel that they are simply a recipient of another mass mail, they would surely ignore it.

Personalized e-mails make the viewers feel special and important. However, do not waste sending emails to publishers with whom you have no chance. Examine thoroughly and chalk out the names of professionals, who would most likely be willing to link to your posts.

Sending e-mails to manifold people would not help but sending emails to the right people would surely get you on the right track. For example, if your content is about digital media, sending it to travel publishers is simply useless.


Content Marketing stands to be an optimal way by which not only the posts earn links but SEO campaigns are aided and positive relationships are fabricated through credibility and referral traffic. Avoiding the aforementioned mistakes would most certainly allow your content campaigns to proliferate and flourish.

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