Impeccable eCommerce Link Building Strategies with Illustrations

  • Posted on June 28, 2017
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With each passing year, the eCommerce industry tends to grow with a hike of 10% and this has led to increase the competition in order to enhance the sales figures. This is where the importance of link building services comes into foreplay. Most of the online businesses hire dedicated SEO company for link building services because it is one of the most crucial ways to have maximum web traffic and exposure to the website. This also applies for e-commerce websites as it helps them to get more sales and retain maximum customers.

e-commerce websites

Below mentioned are some of the effective and useful e-Commerce link building strategies along with different examples. Hope the pointers will be useful for the SEM company in India or in any given location.

  • Influencer Outreach Strategy

One of the most effective ways to get links is to run influencer program where different bloggers and other influencers available online share their personal opinions about a particular product or services. In case the agency doesn’t want to follow outreach program, they can opt for a digital marketing firm for link building services or they can even hire any influencer agency.

Digital Marketing firm

It would be helpful for the e-Commerce businesses to know that Clever is one of the most popular websites which help companies to choose the required influencers based on their preferred location as well as the audience. Clever has their own proprietary backend system which makes the selection of influencers even easier.

The strategy or the program of influencer outreach is actually is an art and it comprises of certain steps. Check out the below section to learn the steps involved.

  • Identifying the targeted audience
  • Ensuring that all the FTC guidelines are followed properly
  • Tracking the success gauge of the product through posts and shares and links on social media and over the web
  • Finding the bloggers as well as influencers having similar type of audience
  • Drafting an email or text message  to send it to the influencer
  • Working with influencer who works on a campaign

It is important to have a close eye on the objectives followed and the tracking metrics in order to have information about the success rate of the influencer campaigns. Businesses should make sure that the goals are specific as much as possible. There are marketers who follow the SMART method and considering the goals it means – Specific, measurable, attainable and last but not the least time-abiding.

  • Review Related Websites

Review sites play a crucial role in creating maximum links and they have a deep impact on a search engine. Usually, there are two different types of review sites available and they are-

  • User-generated content based review sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp
  • Content reviews like TechCrunch

Irrespective of the given format, the unbiased websites like Product Hunt, The Wirecutter, and even TrustPilot can assist in generating referral traffic and to maximize the both loyalty and trustworthiness towards the brand.

Like influencer outreach program, businesses should also set up an effective strategy in order to get listed on different review sites. Have a look at the steps involved.

  • Creating is a list of user-generated and editorial content which businesses are intending to target
  • Identifying the method for pitching to single outlet
  • Checking the listings of the products and services and make the claim
  • Follow the FTC guidelines to check whether the disclosure is in proper place
  • Sharing reviews on the websites of the company as well as on the search engine

In case of any negative review it is better not to remove the same from the website, rather the businesses should comment on the same and it will prove that the firm is ready to solve the problem. In this context, businesses can take assistance from the agencies offering online reputation management in India or in any other business location.


The importance of internal links should not be ignored at any cost and they are equally valuable for the businesses involved in e-Commerce websites. It would be effective if businesses develop a unique solution like coding a plugin so that the products related to the user currently watching will be displayed on its own.

Amazon could be an excellent example in this context and they are best known for linking the relating the related items. The most popular widget of Amazon as “customer who bought this also” is highly effective in showing the related products but it also displays the previous buying experience of the customers.

There are many other sites available in the market which also follows the similar trend like Dick’s Sporting Goods. Their strategy is also similar but they have a sidebar which helps the users to see the related products as they scroll down.

Using this strategy, e-Commerce businesses can increase their average purchase rate and it will increase the total amount of time spent on the website by other customers. It will also be effective in witnessing that which one is the most frequent bought product. In this context, Google Analytic report or data could be of great help.

Business can also link the products if they have dedicated blog section on their eCommerce website, this will also help in convincing the customers to buy that product.

  • Building Associations

In case there are other retailers available in the market and they aren’t in head to head competition with the given company, it is better to develop cross-promotional associations with that firm.

Let’s consider the example of Life Time Fitness. It a concern of one of the elite gyming centers in the US. They started offering attractive discounts on their website as well as on the online stores also, but they were not related to competing products like fitness stuff, protein shakes and bars, gift cards, etc.

Now, this move spared them from being into direct competition with the manufacturers. But since the member of the Life Time Fitness are eager to live a healthy life and they are also paying almost $60 to $140, the members also started having interests in buying protein shakes and bars. In this was Life Time Fitness has narrowed their audiences.

Final Thoughts…

Well, working with the customers, influencers as well as with the other retailers for link building services of e-Commerce site requires a great level of effort. The best and the most favorable way is to build relationships to make the entire campaign a great success. Although, most of the e-Commerce sites find it convenient to focus on the link building strategies rather than building associations. This will also help them to get more visibility over the web.

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