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  • Posted on March 2, 2017
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In these days, almost all the websites depend on the SEO strategies to stay in the top list of competitors. In 13th October 2016; Gary IIyes described that Google will become mobile-firs index in the upcoming months. He said that the game of websites is changing all the time. The website owners do not have other choices rather adapt to the growing digital marketing trend for maintaining the rankings. The website that is optimized for mobile SEO is made for various customers, technical implementations, and algorithms. The mobile-friendly index is not for the millennial but is for the online shoppers, smart phone users, and travelers.

Among all the websites that have mobile-index that can consider that SEO is the priority, one thing should always to be considered- each of the SEO tactics will have one piece of the mobile-first index slot. But, the website can never gain the mobile-first index without getting the responsive website design, fast load time and optimized scheme data. Even some of the brands have accepted the mobile-first index.

Why Google Prefers Mobile-First?

Before going in details to the best SEO strategies for the mobile-first index, first, think that you are looking for donuts on the smart phone. Google is trying to fix issues with the help of the mobile-first index. If the content present in the website is not enough valuable for the mobile site, then it is not perfect for the desktop site.

Will My Site Be Affected By Mobile-First Index?

If your website falls under in these two categories, you will sure use the mobile-first index-

  • Mobile is useful for serving different contents than the desktop.
  • Mobile deletes the structured data from desktop.

Before switching to the mobile-first index strategies, view the website that you see in the desktop, see in the mobile. This helps you to follow the SEO tactic without being physically checking the phone. If you do not know how to view the mobile version of the site on the computer, just go to the site, right click to the “inspect” option. This can help you to toggle between the desktop and mobile devices in the upper corner on the right side.

Here Are Some of the Tips on Mobile-First Index-

  • Use website pages in Google’s mobile-friendly test

If you are managing lots of client’s sites and you are an owner of a small business, the very first thing you should check is whether the page passes the Google’s mobile friendly test. If you are not having the mobile site, responsive site or the AMP page, as a professional I suggest you implement strategies before Google denies the mobile-first index.

Verification of mobile pages to be indexed

Though, it sometimes feels like irritating, but there are some who forget to index the webpage. To be sure that whether the mobile is indexing the pages, goes to the Google on the smart phone. If there is nothing, the Googlebot is not able to access the mobile web pages. If Googlebot is not able to index mobile pages and you are having two different websites for your computer and mobile, I will suggest you to make a mobile sitemap.

Review the smartphone mistakes in Google search console

The next step is to examine your phone errors or mistakes in the Google search console. When you are checking these errors, you should know why these errors are coming. Depending on the errors arriving, you should follow some steps. Faulty redirect is a common mistake.

Update mobile contents for reflecting desktop contents

If you are having a different mobile site and you want to cross check the contents that are published in desktop and mobile, you should do it now. There are various websites that have light contents to keep the speed of the page fast. To test, it should be done manually. It is done with the help of the project manager.

Apart from these tips, you can also remove the hidden contents in the tabs; you can add structured data on mobile version pages and keep the desktop optimized for search engines.

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