Latest Algorithm Updates from Google & Basics for ‘Fred’

  • Posted on May 19, 2017
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It was March 7, when Google hit the web with its latest updates and it was termed as “Fred” by Google’s Gary Illyes. Fred is said to be one of the latest names in the line of algorithm updates. Considering the previous updates from Google like Hummingbird, Penguin, Panda, Possum and Mobilegeddon have made a significant impact the world of SEO and has left SEOs scrambling to endure the major algorithm change.

Let’s check out some of the basics to see whether any latest algorithm updates have made an impact to the site and fix the rate of decreasing traffic in the wake of Fred. Before dwelling with the pointers it is important to mention that the basics discussed below in the section should be considered by all the agencies engaged in offering web related services.

Repair Affiliate-heavy/Ad-heavy Pages

Fred is the latest when it comes to quality control updates. Most of the sites which were hampered because of Fred are said to be content based sites like blogs. They compromised with the factors like content quality of top-notch level as well as excellent user experience just because of affiliate and ad revenue.

So, the pages having more ad and less content were penalized by Fred, but in return, they have also stated that they have got significant results after the removal of the heavy ad. Pages which are yet to be penalized by Fred should consider removing all the ads from the pages.

Supervise The Traffic To Your Website

It is important for you to have a close check on the number of organic traffic to your website but the fact which may miss is that how organic traffic to your website is related to the latest updates of Google’s algorithm.

With the help of rank tracking software of Google Analytics get to know about the drops in the number of your organic traffic and check the dates for the latest updates. By doing so, you will be allowed to have the solutions related to any on-site issues for which you can be penalized for.

Avoid Having Low-Quality Content For Your Website

It is not that you have to demonetize your website or to run without any ad. Websites or pages those were penalized were having both cheap content and ad-heavy pages. So, if you think that you are likely to be penalized or already so, then it is the high time tom check the overall quality of your content. One should keep in mind that the content should be well presented, should have the ability to answer each and every query and most importantly should be topic oriented.

In this context, you can take assistance from website auditing tool through which you can identify low-quality content, duration of the session as well as bounce rate of the website. It is important to mention that low word count doesn’t necessarily mean that the content is bad.

Eliminate Detrimental Links

It is said that you can have the possibility to having higher rankings if you have the right links and top-notch quality backlinks from the sites quoting your content. On the other hand, if you have bad or wrong links and backlinks related to irrelevant pages then you may face a penalty from Google.

With the help of link auditing software, you can easily remove the harmful backlinks from your website. In case it doesn’t work then you can opt for Google’s Disavow Tool, where you can ask Google to remove those harmful links.

Remain Visible for Local Search

As per the latest update of Google as Possum, now it is much easier for the users to get information about the local businesses available nearby. If your business relies on local traffic, then this update will be of great importance. In order to gain the optimum benefit of this update, the agencies engaged in offering local SEO services will have to ensure that all the geo-specific information related to their site is updated as per the latest algorithms from Google.

Do you want to know that how it is possible? Check out the pointers mentioned below.

  • Create an account on Google My Business Page
  • Get your business listed in local directories
  • Make consistency through NAP across the local listings
  • Make research based on competitive parameter
  • Focus on local keywords

Give More Importance For Mobile Experience

Now Google is more concerned about the websites offering a top-notch level of mobile experiences to its users. This is the search giant have opted for mobile-first ranking in which Google will crawl the mobile site first over the desktop site.

As per the latest updates from Google, it is said that still number of pages are ill-adapted to the mobile first world. Almost 70% of the pages take 7 seconds or more to visualize the content available on the page and this increases the bounce rate by 113%. Important to mention the ideal timing of a page to load is 3 seconds.

Try To Enhance The User Experience

One should always keep in mind that Google in its every update has focused on one aspect and it keeps on enhancing the user experience. So, if you are doing so that you don’t have to worry about getting foul from the search engine giant. Still, if you are having some issues and struggling hard for UX of your website then consider the pointers mentioned below.

  • The structure of the website should be logical
  • Remove UX barriers
  • Focus more on XML sitemap and RSS feeds
  • Try to deliver content of top-notch quality
  • Optimize your website for all the platforms
  • Focus on Schema Markup.

Final Words

As per the words of Webmaster Trends Analyst John Muller, Google keeps on tweaking its algorithm every day but all the updates are not rolled out equally. When it comes to major updates, then they have a significant impact on how SEO can be performed in order to earn organic traffic. All it can be said that in order to be in the good list of Google, one has to remove advertising issues, resolve technical issues related to SEO, offer great content quality along with best user experience.

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