Links are Equally Important for Ranking and for Search: Google

  • Posted on October 13, 2017
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According to a new link study done by the leading search engine giant Google suggest that links are equally important as ever both for ranking and even for search. The study of link is conducted every three years in order and it shows that how links continues to be one of the most effective ranking signals and undoubtedly it will remain the same way. In this context, it is important to mention that this study will help SEO agencies as well as the ones doing local search engine optimization.

Google link study

About the Study of Links
The new study based on the rankings conducted by Stone Temple consulted on the significance of the links that has just been released. The reports from the study have clearly shown that how links are effective for the ranking consideration in the search results of Google. What is even more important is that it becomes imperative for any given branding agency and even for the agencies offering affordable search engine marketing services to focus more on the importance of the link.

The study conducted by Google make used of innumerable representations to demonstrate the fact why link links still remain the most powerful factor. The results were then compared with the previous study reports followed by different companies.

The assessments were executed on identical 6,000 queries those were used in all three assessments, so that the researchers get to see how there were no noticeable alterations in the impression or influence of the links in the last few years. Agencies offering web design services in India and even in different locations all over the world should make effective use of the study in a positive manner.
Final Words

All it can be said that the study intended to establish the fact that links are still as vital as they were few years ago. Another important fact of this post was to ensure that why and how links will endure to be imperative in the conceivable future. In order to know more or to share opinions, readers can easily get back to us below in the comment section. We will be more than happy to help you out.

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