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They said 61% of PPC ad fails to generate a single conversion. Doesn’t your business deserve better? Prioritize your bottom line with us; we have come forward with the promise of optimizing your paid advertising campaign on weekly basis.

Pay Per Click (PPC) – Paid Advertisements

Being one of the best Pay Per Click Management services provider in India, nothing can be more rewarding to us than perceiving the growth of our clients’ businesses. It’s embarrassing to watch a futile PPC management service wasting a company’s potential and capital. To get the most out of your paid advertising campaign, we develop a compelling message that entails the ad messaging, right keywords and site experience to generate sales and keep the entire service range affordable to obtain.

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Our effort doesn’t stop here, we continue testing and analyzing various aspects of your campaign and meticulously optimize it from click-to-close. Combining PPC account management, optimization and analytics we grow businesses. We have proven skill set prerequisite to muddle through any technically critical pay-per-click campaign for both Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Each of the advertising campaigns commenced with a complete understanding of your business and the way you operate it.


Catapult Your PPC Campaign with Our Proprietary Strategies

Advertising online goes beyond just publicizing ads around the web, it’s more intricate; Google Adwards demands more than just finding the keyword and managing bids. With a pool of dexterous graphic designers and writers, your paid advertising campaign would be designed adeptly from click to conversion. By leveraging advanced tools with appropriate keyword and ad copy research, our affordable Pay Per Click Management services India ensures your money is invested prudently.


We proceed further after evaluating your prior and present marketing efforts along with current competitive landscape in order to outline most promising campaigns to meet the business objectives. We make ourselves familiarize with your goal and customers for targeting the right audience at the right time and receive clicks that lead to conversions.

Campaigin Research/Build

Rationalizing every aspect of the ad campaign formation, starting from executing keyword research to scribble ad copy and design landing pages our professionals provide commendable AD campaign setup. Capitalizing geo-targeting, ad extension and remarketing list creation, we help you to make most out of the PPC.

Optimization & Testing

With continuous tracking, adjustment of the PPC campaign and the collected data, we continually optimize the performance. Running A/B test on ad copy and landing pages we find out the aspects that need improvement. The ongoing tests help you to consecrate the negative keywords and check on your Key Performance Indicator.

Better Leads & Sales

We put forward actionable strategies in order to help you obtain more leads, customer and increase sales. With ongoing effort on tracking the performance of the PPC campaign, we make budget recommendations, propose new targeting criteria, assess other ad channels, and analyze the new campaigns based on the previous successes.

Improved ROI

With truly functional PPC advertising campaign and hands-on tips, our professionals help you to improve return on investment. Considering your goals and ROI we craft the strategies and with continuous strive merge the gap between quality and quantity of leads in order to offer the lowest possible CPA to meet the revenue goals sooner or later.


Our campaign report management service entails current market status and implementation of proven strategies to churn positive result. We help you in making future stratagems worth pursuing based on the accumulated data. We dive deep into the ad copy to put on view the messages that most resonate with the target audience.

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