Single Page Websites – Are they SEO friendly or not?

  • Posted on July 7, 2017
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Considering the present business scenario, single page websites are becoming extremely popular. Most of the companies prefer single page website over the multi-page sites and find it more convenient. In this context, it is important to note whether the design of single page website plays a vital role for the SEO purpose or not? In other words, whether it is SEO friendly or not? There is another question and it is that whether the single page site hurt the chances of ranking for the website with Google?

SEO friendly

In this post, the readers will get some useful information related to single page sites and will get to know how the simple format could possibly impact SEO factor. If you are not aware of the design layout of the single page site or if you haven’t seen anyone of them then check out the websites mentioned below.

  • Apple Plug
  • Enod French Restaurant
  • Plastics Unlimited

Below section offers some positive and negative traits of single page websites. So, let’s start with the positive traits first.

  • Single Page Sites are Effective for Targeting a Specific Set of Audience

Single Page Sites

It is said that having a single page site is highly effective for those businesses that mainly focus on a specific group of audience and aim to offer a specific type of user experience to its users. The best thing about them is that the behavior of the customers on the site can be controlled easily and they can be steered in a particular direction.

Another best thing about single page sites is that all the information which businesses are intended for their target customers can be presented on a single page and the order of the information will be chosen as per the requirements of the businesses. When it comes to SEO, the above-mentionedpointer is of great help if there is only one keyword because businesses don’t have to worry about targeting their audience.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the visitors will easily turn off if they do not find the information posted on the site valuable. So, one has to be very critical towards the info posted on the site and everything must have a purpose. At the same time if businesses try to confuse the audience by placing pictures and posts then the simplicity and the importance of single page site will be ruined.

  • Single Page Websites are Effective in Offering Excellent Mobile Applications

It remains no doubt that most of the people opting for web search do it from their smartphones. Now, this could turn into a great advantage of having single page site. Another most striking benefit is that the websites having single page convert easily and quickly when accessed through smartphones and they are very easy to navigate also.

Of course, the loading time is much faster as compared to websites having multi-pages. Most of the people find it very difficult to open or click on additional tabs or pages while accessing through the small screen of their smartphones. So, it can be said that single page site is a kind of blessing for the people who like to use as smartphone with one hand. This entire mechanism depends a lot on the search engine optimization company.

search engine optimization

  • Websites having Single Page offer Higher Page Authority

Links are undoubtedly one of the biggest factors which are used to determine the fact that how well a website can rank. Another best thing about single page site is that all the links will point to the primary URL and there will be a 1:1 ratio of links to the pages.

Now let’s focus on the negative of single page websites

  • The Content Available on the Single Page Sites are Incompetent in terms of Detail

As compared to the content posted or published on websites having multi-pages, the content of the single page site lacks in detail. In simple words, it can be said that the content is not specific or to the point. In addition, people who love to read the services of the company will not be allowed to do the same with single page site as they will not be offered with a privilege of a separate page for every single topic. On the contrary, all the information will be posted on a single page. These are some of the reasons for which most of the businesses focus more on the layout of the website while designing the web page of their company.

web page design

Even if the layout or the design of single page website is extraordinary then also the readers will end up with disappointment. And one of the biggest reasons behind this is alack of ideal content on the site. It is nearly impossible to cover all the information on a single page site which is only possible on the sites having multiple pages. Now, this turns out to be one of the biggest problems for the visitors as there are people who search websites to get detailed and explained content that too on specific topic. Search engine Optimization Company are required to play an important role in this context.

The businesses can do one thing to get rid of this problem and by doing this they will be able to satisfy their customers. The solution which businesses can opt for is that they can define and create a new section for every new topic as if it were an individual page. By doing the SEO factor of the company will not get affected and they will not face the problem of higher bounce rate which is indeed one of the greatest problems for most of the companies.

SEO factor

  • Single Pages Sites are Inefficient in Targeting Wide Keyword

The problem of keyword ranking is one of the biggest concerns for every business which are dependent on Google in order to get business prospects. Websites with single page are purposefully designed by keeping a single major concept in mind. And it is the result of this major factor which limits the ability to rank for a variety of keywords.

Considering the advantage of having a multi-page website it can be said that each and every page has got the opportunity to get rank by targeting an audience. And this might become the deciding factor

A Point of Consideration…

If you think that your business is entirely dependent on Google in order to get new business prospects then you should opt for creating websites having multiple pages in which there will be different keywords on every single page. By doing this you will be able to attract a maximum number of customers to your site. But on the other hand, if Google is not your priority, then the lack of keyword ranking should not be a problem for your and even for your company.

  • Single Page Sites Restricts Implementation of Advanced SEO Strategies

Many advanced and latest SEO strategies fail to work on single page site. One of them is “Siloing”. Actually, it is a strategy or practice which is mainly used for structuring the website into different major areas of interest in order to get the authority of demonstration in certain areas. In simple words, it is a way to organize a website into different categories and subcategories in order to display the content.

SEO Strategy

People who excel at practicing siloing will consider taking a primary topic and then will break it down into different subjects. Thus it can be said that the majority of the questions are answered which are posed by the visitors and then optimizing the SEO by ranking higher on a multitude of different keywords and subjects.

This is merely impossible to do on a website having a single page and the result will not be fruitful enough. In addition, the result obtained will come in a disorganized manner as tons of details on different topics will be presented on a single page. On the other hand, a website with multi-page design has amuch better organizational layout for practicing siloing.

The Parting Thought….

After considering all the factors (pros and cons) for single page website discussed above it can be said that somewhere they lack behind of multi-page sites for SEO. But at the same time, it is good to mention that people who are least interested in SEO to gain top rank they give more importance to single page websites and they also give priority to the same.

In order to evaluate whether to make your site single or multi-page, first and the foremost thing is to analyze the goals of the business and what you aim to accomplish with your website. In addition to that, you should also be critical towards your customers as well as target audience. It is also important to decide that which website will offer them the best user-friendly and web-satisfying experience.

So, do you own a single page or multi-page website for your company? What is your opinion on the design of your web page and how it is impacting your SEO? Well, these were some of the most important questions which should be considered and should be given enough importance.

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