SOSTAC Model for Improving Link Building Strategy

  • Posted on May 10, 2017
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Every website owner wants to get higher page rank for a competitive topic, term or keyword. Only a proper link building process can make that faster and helps the owner to get a long term success. In fact, link building is one of the most essential and common rank factors of Google. This is the main reason why SEO executives are building as much quality link as possible.

But it is important to understand the fact that Google does not like any ill-informed, spammy and poor quality link building techniques. It is better to build a proper link building strategy rather than cheating the system and gets penalized for your cheap techniques.

Think of a Link Building Strategy – The Aim of Link Building is not Creating Link Only:

Links can help a user’s journey easier. Every search engine optimization company in India as well as in other countries understands the fact that links are meant to build an alliance between two non-competing but relevant authorities. A link even at its basic form drives traffic from one page to another. And online authorities do not hesitate to share audience as one website allows their earned audience to redirect another web page.

Links enhance brand awareness among people by placing the business, service, product, brand, or other key stuff in front of relevant viewers. When you create links to your website in your niche that allows your viewers to find your website in a form of their desired result. In that way, you add an extra value to your business that creates a network, support and trust that both your viewers and business can hold.

A Proper Link Building Strategy with SOSTAC Approach

SOSTAC is a basic of marketing approach. This approach refers to the practice of planning stages that drive forward business result. The SOSTAC stands for

S -> Situational Analysis: Understanding the current situation where we are in.

O -> Objective(s): This is a practice of understanding the goal, and in which situation, the owner would like to find his business in coming times.

S -> Strategy: A best level summary statement that helps the owner to build a strategy for achieving the goal.

T -> Tactics: This practice of understanding all particular items that we need for applying the strategy.

A -> Action: Action plan is a blueprint of the tactics.

C -> Control: At the last stage of this 6 stage process we will try to find out did we achieve the success that we were set out to? In this part, we will evaluate what is our success and what we have achieved.

In the below section we will go through each of the above and understand their contribution to link building.


Whenever it comes to analyzing a situation for building links, it becomes a process of understanding the current backlink situation and finding the answers to the flowing questions:

  • How many backlinks does a web page currently have?
  • What is the quality of the backlinks?
  • What is the domain authority or page rank currently?
  • How many natural backlinks does our website get every month?
  • How many backlinks does a website have from authorized or trusted websites?
  • What is the back link comparison result in respect of its main competitor?


A link building strategy should be smart, specific and most importantly collectively agreed. Common link building objectives are as follows:

  • Increase traffic through referral
  • Increase rank organically for a particular topic
  • Enhancing brand visibility as well as traffic


Whenever a skilled SEO comes to make a link building strategy, they think of delivering all link building objectives. In this section, the executive has to understand how they would like to promote their content through paid or organic promotion. Which social media platform will be ideal for a particular service, product or brand promotion?

Tactics & Actions:

As I have already discussed earlier in this article, these two are the part of the same coin. First of all, build a proper link building tactics that you need for delivering the strategy. And in the next step build a full proof action plan that will cover all the aspect of your tactics. A typical blueprint of an action plan covers things like:

  • Who will do a task?
  • When does he or she do it?
  • How long will it take to complete the task?


At this stage a professional measure the performance, as well as the progress. Without applying this part properly it is impossible to understand the success or failure of your link building campaign. This part will help a professional to refine or reapply the techniques again. In this stage a professional seek an answer for question likes:

  • Number of referral traffic
  • New backlinks
  • Total number of backlinks
  • The new page rank
  • The latest domain authority


This is all for today about the importance of SOSTAC Model for enhancing the link building strategy. All that digital marketing companies that offers local SEO services in India, follows this SOSTAC Model for building quality links. Hope the article was helpful and you enjoyed reading it.

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