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  • Posted on May 13, 2017
  • Posted in SEO

The primary function of Google is to simplify the entire procedure of using interwebs for the general public. In order to do so, it has taken its existing solutions and directly integrated them into the central search engine. Now Google is moving on to provide individuals with the capability of submitting their website URLs so that they can be indexed directly straight into the page of search results.

This exceptional innovation was first detected by ‘Search Engine Land’. It has quite successfully enhanced one’s search experience, especially if he has entered a query like- ‘how to make URL submission to Google?’ or ‘submit website URL to Google’. On making such an enquiry, a person would see a submission box and the reCAPTHCA box within the main search results page. Although this trend is discovered recently, the process that follows is the traditional one and all the SEO professionals are aware of it.

Copy the URL, paste it into the box and click on the submit button. Also, remember to prove that you are a human by pressing the ‘I’m not a robot’ box. As a reputed consultant of SEO agency in India, you must know that just by submitting the URL, your website would neither be indexed nor get ranks. Each submission is reviewed and then included in the index of the search engine.

This novel feature of Google is slowly yet steadily garnering acclaim, so it may not be available to you right at this second. But do not worry for the process would show definitely show its outcomes in the subsequent weeks.

To abridge the above-mentioned discussion, the latest technique introduced by Google allows a person to add web pages to the huge storage space of this search engine. It has made the lives of people quite easier. This simple yet interactive solution is the tool for which we have waited since many years. Google has always tried to help individuals by providing relevant information after they run a search and now with little modifications, it has managed to do this for URL submission too.

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