Top 40 Ultimate Link Building Ideas You Have to Try

  • Posted on December 14, 2017
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Are you tired of taking guest posting as a part of your link building campaign? Do you want to change things up?

Link Building Ideas
In this post we will reveal the top link building ideas. These techniques will not only inspire you to try something different but it will also give a new dimension to your link building campaign.

  • Prior Linkers: Ask those people for a backlink who have linked you previously.
  • Web Tools: Consider publishing interactive tools like calculator or translator. It will help you to earn a backlink.
  • Quizzes: People love to take part in quiz challenges and after that, they often prefer to share their result on social media sites. It will help you to get more social media shares.
  • Image Snippets: This process will enable your visitors to share your images easily with a link for the attribution.
  • Eyeballs: Hire any SEO India agency and they will suggest you to apply high traffic strategies to boost the reach of your content. It will enable you to get quality backlink from some of your visitors.
  • Writing Column: Be a regular writer to an authority site of your niche. It will help you to create backlink.
  • Ego Bait: You can also consider mentioning an influencer’s name in your content. And after that, contact him in person. It will help you to earn attention and if you get lucky you may also get the opportunity to get a link from the influencer.
  • Podcast Listings: If you have a plan of running a podcast then consider submitting it to human-curated, aggregator or trusted directory.
  • Press Releases: Google has clearly mentioned that links from press releases will not count. But still, a professional digital marketing firm knows the process of creating buzz and generating natural backlinks.
  • Link Profile of the Competitor: You can also check the backlinks of your competitor to find out your opportunity.
  • Journalist Queries: Target keyword sensibly that is likely to be used by journalists. As a result, they will link you back for attribution.
  • Parodies: You can also consider creating hoax or parody site. This type of website will help you to get new backlinks.
  • Case Study: This process is novel enough to attract natural backlink.
  • Community Management: Launch a community or forum. It will help you to earn plenty of backlinks.
  • Web Directories: You can also submit the URL of your website to a human-curated trusted authority.
  • Video Embeds: Create high-quality video and make it easy for others to embed your video on their website or social media pages.
  • Link Out: Backlink other sites on your web pages and do not hesitate to let them know about your activity.
  • E-Book Listings: Create an eBook on your niche and submit it on a trusted directory.
  • Use Video Site: You can also consider using the profile of your video site like your YouTube page to link back to your target website.
  • Link to Midlist Blogs: Midlist is a popular term in publishing (online & offline) industry. Midlist blogs are not a highly authorized website but they post quality content. You can link them on your website and expect the favors to be returned.
  • Personal Stories: You can also consider sharing your private stories. It will not only help you with online reputation management but also attract natural backlinks.
  • Question & Answer Sites: Links you will get from a Q&A sites are generally no-followed. But you can expect traffic from those links.
  • Events: Post an event and people will automatically share it to let others know about it.
  • Tangent Niches: Do not just get stuck in the bubble of your own niche. Work with different industries that will help you to earn links from other niches.
  • User Ratings: Write reviews and ratings on other websites. It will enable you to create links of your website.
  • Assisting Webmasters: Help the webmasters with any technical issue they are currently dealing with. Offer them development work or web design services. It will enable you to get a backlink.
  • Games: Publish interactive games. It will help you to attract more links.
  • Webinars: Consider publishing webinars on a regular basis. It will help you to attract link.
  • Debunks: Expose a popular myth or incident of your industry. It will automatically help you to get backlinks.
  • Rankings: Create a top ten list or rank the products or services on your list. It will automatically attract the brands (those are mentioned in your list) to link your page on their website.
  • Infographics: Producing attractive and innovative infographic is also a great way of creating backlinks.
  • Interviews: It can be done in two different ways. Either take interview of an influential person in your niche or get yourself interviewed. In both cases, you will be able to earn links.
  • Internal Linking: In the battle of getting an outbound link, do not forget internal link building.
  • Link Reclamation: Identify that website that has mentioned you on their website without linking your site. Ask them for a backlink.
  • Testimonials: You can also offer a positive testimonial on another website in exchange for a backlink.
  • Audio Sharing Sites: You can also consider uploading an audio file to a trusted audio sharing website. It will help you to earn a backlink.
  • Resource Pages: This is really common among educational website. In fact, admins from many educational websites also ask their visitors and users to contribute content and enhance their resource. This type of sites can be a window of opportunity for you.
  • Niche Listings: You can hire dedicated SEO to find and list your website on trusted and human-curated directories.
  • Profile Links: You can also use your social media reputation to bring traffic to your website. Put the link of your website on your social media account or forums. Most of this links will be no-follow but it will help you to enhance traffic on your website. It will also directly affect your SEO ranking.
  • Timely Content: Just like other SEO jobs timing is also important in link building. Produce content on current incident and affairs. It will help you to create buzz and earn natural links.

You can hire an SEM company and increase traffic through paid marketing. But you cannot avoid link building as it is the most important ranking factor and it will help you to get organic traffic. Hope the post was helpful to you and it will help you to build quality backlinks.

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