Top 5 Reasons for Choosing SEO Firm Over In-House Team

  • Posted on July 28, 2017
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So, you have finally understood the importance of search engine optimization in order to get on the SEO bandwagon and to enhance your overall sales over the web. Professionals or the agencies that still follows the traditional ways for marketing solutions and are not much familiar with the effectiveness of SEO, this post could be of great help as here they will get to know why hiring a professional and experienced SEO firm is far better than depending on the in-house team of SEO. Let’s start with the pointers one by one and make sure that you understand the importance of each and every reason.

  1. Expertise, Education, and Experience is Guaranteed for Sure
  2. Hiring a digital marketing firm or a reputed agency offering out of the box SEO solutions will help businesses to get quick pace for their campaign. Not only the solutions, the experts of the agencies will also resolve all the related queries and offer consultation to develop reliable online marketing techniques for great results. Most of the professional SEO companies have a track record of offering genuine solutions and it is shown in their case studies.

    The best thing is that most off the giant SEO companies spend thousands of dollars for updating the knowledge of their SEO executives. This is not yet they also allot distinctive time for the research related to SEO, testing and even attending seminars on SEO all around the nation.

  3. Instant Support with Real and Related Knowledge
  4. Do you have significant knowledge about SEO or do you understand SEO completely? If no then how can you be certain about the person you will be hiring for the SEO of your website. If you hire dedicated SEO firm then you can avail the immediate skilled manpower on hand. This also safeguards you from the hassles of sorting resumes, interviewing them and back and forth of hiring them. Opting for a trusted and reliable SEO firm offers you with a team of knowledgeable experts to help and to formulate strategies related to SEO and solving any given problem. Businesses don’t have to worry about making websites using the following trend and as per the latest algorithm because the experts at professional companies are already well-aware of the new strategies prevailing in the market.

  5. Focused and Result Oriented
  6. Hiring a genuine SEO company for local search engine optimization and related services always comes with an advantage and it is that they will work beyond any extent to keep you on as their client. Well, this type of mindset is highly profitable for the businesses as it increases the level of performance. Agencies who are in the market for long maintain effective communication with the client and they track the progress of a specific campaign using search engine analytics, rankings, and inclusive ROI.

    It’s not that in-house team of SEO is incompetent but the major difference lies in the mindset and this can make a serious difference in the results obtained. The way professional and dedicated SEO firms work on a given project and the kind of approach they show towards a campaign is different from the one followed by the in-house team of SEO.

  7. Easy to Communicate and Deal with
  8. What if the most crucial member of your in-house team went off for a holiday that too during the peak time of the campaign? How will you handle the entire situation? Well, the best solution is to opt for reputed SEO companies as they will be available for most of the time. You can just peak your phone and can make a call to them in order to learn the status of the campaign.

    Some companies in the market don’t want anything apart from the phone call meetings as well as accurate reports. The ultimate fact is leaving the project in the hands of trusted agency is quite easy to deal with and to manage. It will hardly take as much time out from your day but still, you will be offered with the best possible results and with absolute value.

  9. Offered with Collaborative Efforts

Along with the concept of effective communication and easy to handle which is the most important aspect of SEO firms, another important fact is that the project should be witnessed by expert professionals. Well, creating a team of in-house team of SEO and the strategy formulated by the same will be looked at by the inexperienced eyes of senior managers, directors and even the VPs.

In this regard, it is important to add that putting all the ideas into one bowl and depending on just a mere inexperienced strategy from a novice team might hamper your online business both on short term and on the longer term. Nothing can be much better than having multiple eyes of experienced SEO experts on a particular SEO campaign.

Portfolio of the Agency and the Success Rate

It is always recommended to check out the portfolio section for both in-house or a professional SEO firm offering affordable search engine marketing services and related services. Relying on novice hands could be highly disastrous for the campaign.

Getting into the figures, many people will argue with the fact that having an in-house team of SEO is much better than hiring an SEO firm and it would be profitable for reaping long-term benefits. Having a team of in-house SEO will likely to cost between $60,000 – $110,000 every year for a single person. The range is excluding the expenses for desk space, other team members, company equipment and other added benefits. But hiring a professional SEO firm web design services or any other services will cost around $4,000 – $7,000 every month. So it would be around $48,000 – $84,000 every year that too without any additional or extra charges.

There are companies who based on the factors discussed above hire SEO agency and some opt for making an in-house team of SEO. Big market fishes have both in-house as well as SEO firm just to have the perks of both the world. Well, it entirely depends on the company to choose any route but must keep in mind that the entity hired should be experienced, reputed and well established in the market.

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