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  • Posted on July 14, 2017
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This post mainly deals with some unstable SEO approaches which are considered as important but at the end of the day they are outmoded. But apart from that, this post will also deal with the fact that whether some ideas are correct or not.

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Experts opine that creating a better SEO B.S Detector will help users to be more sensitive of what they have been asked to trust and the way they detect SEO B.S when they are confronted with the same. In the opinion of the experts, it will make a superior search expert.

The Problem of observation

This is one such area which should be dealt with proper care because it is the observation of a person that will change the viewpoint of any given event. You must have remembered the famous old fable where a blind man was doing the tough job to designate an elephant in different ways? Where a person considered snake as an elephant and someone else compared an elephant with a tree.

Well, the same kind of assumptions takes place in the SEO industry in which people have different experiences after every algorithm alteration in many ways. Finally, a person who is loud, make declarations about the facts which are agreed by the rest of the business and the rest is ignored.

The same thing took place with the first ever Phantom Update. Most of the agencies started believing that Google is hitting the websites which offer the low quality of user experience. The impact of the update was so loud that everyone ignored the insights offered by a blog post of HubPages regarding the update which stated that the change will not affect the site of the companies.

Common Sense Problem

The basic problem with the decent thoughts is in most of the time they are rational and they make sense. There was an idea which evolved thousands of years ago related to the world being flat. Well, the idea was sensitive again and it does make sense but it is a classic example of what actually happens when we depend on the reasonable or sensitive ideas and how bad it can turn things.

Association does not always mean Connection

A few years back, somebody witnessed that the websites having a top ranking with a number of keyword idioms have some kind of similarity. And it was that they had a strong presence in the social media, especially in the form of Likes from Facebook. Thus, the conclusion drawn was that Facebook Likes should be a must have factor to get higher rankings. The idea does make wisdom but it was not at all true.

Always Ask for Authentication of an Idea

The trademark of a wobbly SEO strategy is the absence of links to copyrights or systematic investigation. It is important to check whether the claim made is backed with a link to a research work or patent. Such links will prove the hypothesis of having a real chance.

All the Updates are not for Targeting Spam

This is indeed a very important factor to consider. Each and every time, Google makes changes, the SEO industry believes that the search engine giant has targeted a spam. Considering the previous data it is true also, updates from Google mainly intended to enhance its compatibility with target content of high quality just as the way it targets the content with low quality. Somehow, it was felt that the SEO industry is preoccupied with deducing every single update on targeting low quality.

Below discussed are some of the SEO strategies which are presently making the rounds to present the fact how it works.

  1. Placements of Keywords in H1, H2, Tags etc.

Placing keywords in H1 and H2 tags are not so effective when compared with the way contemporary search engines functions today. Search engine giants like Google and even Bing also do not match key phrases on a web page to the keywords for a given search query. The current SEO businesses want that are offering affordable search engine marketing services want to have it both the ways. In addition, it is mainly done by talking about the entities and processing of the natural language but still clinging to the idea about the pattern of keyword that matches directly from the 1990s.

H1 and H2 tags

If you doubtful on the concept then you can simply for Google search and check out the number of keywords there are in the web pages for the top 10 graded web pages.

  1. Link to Websites Gov and.Edu

This is one such strategy which is followed by most of the businesses involved in SEO and up to some extent, it is followed by the digital marketing firm. Linking with the authoritative sites was in practice during 1996 to 1999 and it was entirely based on the HITS algorithm.

digital marketing

If you are interested in having decent information about the update then you can go for Hubs and Authorities + Kleinberg. This is one of the most ancient strategies from where the concept of linking out to the authoritative sites started off.

After that, the SEO India agency and other from rest of the world changed the strategy of hubs and authority to Google. They went for this even without having patents links or research in order to indicate the search engines like Google or any other is using hubs and authority expertise from 1999 into its algorithms.

It is also important to mention that it is not relevant to the fact that how search engines rank the websites in present time. So, the question arises that why SEOs and agencies offering web design services in India or in any other parts of the world continues to promote the above-discussed notion without linking with nay patents or research.

  1. SEO and LSI

LSI, also known as latent semantic indexing, was discovered to help the search engines to differentiate the different meaning of a word. Well, it was in use 20 years ago but today the concept of LSI has zero tolerance on the basis of the factors on which search engines work.


Most of the SEO or local search engine optimization agencies integrate databanks of info to analyse the concepts like places, people, stuff and how all these concepts relate to the keywords. Considering the present scenario, search engines have the ability to promote a site from the following page to the leading page for the results, given the algorithms understand the fact that it answers all the questions better than the main positioning algorithms does.

Final Words

These were the few instances of collective SEO strategies entirely based on the out-of-date algorithms. In this post, the readers were also demonstrated the way that how they can make a proper analysis of fake SEO strategies. So, this is the high time to go out and make your own SEO BD Detector!

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